What We Do

The Challenge

For the past decade, Colorado has been recognized as a national leader in innovative education solutions. Policy makers and education advocates have enacted bold initiatives to improve student outcomes, including legislative policy efforts like redesigned academic standards and aligned assessments and establishing leading models to measure the performance of educators, schools and districts.  

Despite this, Colorado students’ performance on state and national assessments have remained relatively flat and yawning achievement gaps persist across racial, geographic, and economic subgroups. No singular policy or programmatic approach is sufficient to fundamentally shift the trajectory of student outcomes, particularly when those approaches are designed without those most directly impacted by these policies and practices, namely students, families, and educators. 


Our strategy

Climb Higher Colorado facilitates the space where this collaboration happens while working with partners to build out back end capacity. In order to dramatically improve the trajectory of student outcomes and educational experiences in Colorado, policy makers, advocacy groups, educators, families and students must all be working together toward a shared vision of educational success. 


our impact

Taken together, these strategies will enable CHC to strengthen Colorado’s education ecosystem, leading to fundamental shifts in how stakeholders work together to tackle education issues. These impacts include:

  • New education initiatives and policies will be identified, designed and implemented through meaningful partnership from a representative mix of organizations across the education ecosystem.

  • Students, families, and educators, with the support of community-facing organizations, are consistently and authentically leading processes to address challenges within public education.

  • Schools, networks, and districts welcome and support families as equal partners in the design and implementation of systems and tools to ensure high quality educational opportunities for all students.