What We Believe

Our partners set the agenda for what issue areas and policies the coalition works on throughout the year, but we have a set of core beliefs that all coalition members agree to as we collectively approach our work.


1. Systems level change occurs through an ecosystem approach.

In order to have reliably effective systems of public education, a robust and well-functioning ecosystem must exist. That ecosystem must include, but is not limited to, strong policies, high-functioning systems of school governance (districts, school boards, charter school boards, etc.), dynamic schools, effective educators, engaged families, and supported students.


2.  This coalition and its members are committed to exploring the ways diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) influence and underpin our approaches to improving educational outcomes and opportunities for all students.

We will challenge ourselves and one another to courageously engage with our implicit biases and explore personal and organizational growth in a manner that is proactive, ongoing, and meaningful.


3. Education does not exist in a vacuum; we must actively seek out opportunities for intersection across organizations and issue areas.

The educational experiences and opportunities of students and families are influenced by a wide range of issues. We will strengthen our collective efforts by seeking opportunities to partner in new and innovative ways.


4. Students, families, and educators must be directly involved in policies and projects we work to address.

No matter how well-crafted improvements to our system of public education are, they will not be effective unless those who they are designed to impact, namely students, families, and teachers, are a meaningful part of the policy identification, creation, and implementation processes.